Out of This World

Last Autumn I was passing by the neighborhood park during one of my daily walks and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they decorated the place with multicolored lights and otherworldly works of art. It had given the place an eerie atmosphere which is far from its usual subdued state. I was amused. 


21 thoughts on “Out of This World”

    1. It supposed to be an octopus I think. Very inventive I might say. They put also giant golden eggs on little islands in the middle of the lake and they have musicians around. There was a house with the open balcony overlooking the water and there was a man playing the piano accompanied by an opera songstress and the live music was being piped around the whole area. Quite entertaining.

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  1. By the way, are you Bengali, I love the fact that Bengal is so much into its roots, its culture. The mere mention of Bengali movie director assures me, it would be a great movie.


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