I once broke into an old abandoned coal mine to see what’s inside. I squeezed myself in between the chainlink fencing and gained access. Once inside, I saw why they prohibited anyone snooping around. The building was so dilapidated some of the walls were crumbling down and the ceiling could fall down any moment. But I love it. I love period, weathered, abandoned, old crumbling properties. They fascinate me. I feel they have interesting stories to tell.




18 thoughts on “Weathered”

      1. Life is all about risk and I think you did good! There are far too many people in the world who try to wrap us up in cotton wool, an individual should be able to explore.
        I ride motorbikes and it doesn’t get more risky than that….!


      2. I love motorbikes. The feeling of total freedom while on top of it. But I dislike helmet. I love the feel of the wind through my hair. I’m a gypsy through and through.


  1. Great story and you survived with wonderful photos 👍 I once was told to get some supplies from a small abandoned school and it was scary, so I know how you felt


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  3. Abandoned buildings and ruins are a fascination for me. Those glory days now gone. What was it like then? When it was working, when it was bustling, when there people living, working inside. Great response to the week’s challenge.


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