Life is too short.

The more I get older the more I find that there is plenty of truth in that old cliché. When we were young we never worry about the fact that we are all born terminal and live on borrowed time. We act as if we are immortal and time is on our side. Only when it is almost too late we realize that the end is near and we have to do all we can to make the most of the remaining hours we have left here on this planet. 

Some people age gracefully in manner and in appearance,  and some seem to be the reasons why the midlife crisis was invented. Anyway, no matter what, I believe people have a right to treat themselves once in a while. Have a little me time, find a room in your schedules and budgets to ‘splurge’ on something that makes you __ I wanted to say happy but I decided to settle with__ feel good. Happy is a big word anyway. I refrain using it unless necessary.

I think that if we allow ourselves to have some ‘little treats’ every now and then, we could ward off unnecessary inconveniences like depression and burnouts.

I read somewhere that in Japan, people on death row are not informed when they will be executed. The inmates wake up each day thinking it is their last. Authorities do it deliberately so these condemned prisoners get as much out of their remaining time. Talking of you have to be cruel to be kind and tough love. 

I guess what I’m really trying to say is Carpe Diem whenever you can because____

Life is too Short.


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