It’s that time of the year again. 

Since I lost my faith in organized religion and God himself, I have troubles celebrating anything that has something to do with it. I used to be religious. Not fanatic, but religious. I’ve been brought up surrounded by blind faith and superstitious beliefs. We dutifully recited the Holy Rosary each evening at six o’clock. I’d been tied up around the foot of a table whole night without supper for failing to memorize the Our Father prayer. I attended masses and offered flowers to deities. I had my first communion and confirmation. I’ve been baptized and heck, even married in the church, twice. 

For all that happened to me, I never blame anyone let alone God. I accepted everything without question. I thought my faith was the only thing that was constant in my life and my unshakable belief in the power of the Holy Almighty was something no one can take away from me. I imagined myself being imprisoned and having to choose between death or live by renouncing my faith and I was sure I will rather opt for the first anytime anywhere, till two years ago. Something happened that made me abandoned everything I was taught and live by all those years. There is no way back.

Now, we are this far again. The season to be merry, the time to be jolly and I am neither of those. But even if I didn’t lose my belief in God, I doubt if I am going to join the hysteria of masses during this period. I wrote about the reasons why a few seasons ago and if you have the time, you can read it here, here and here

What about you? Are you religiously celebrating the most celebrated time of the year? Do you still believe in God? How you hold on to your faith when everywhere you look you see the opposite of what you believe in? No, I’m not criticizing. Just showing interest. If you wish to share your thoughts I would love to hear them.


4 thoughts on “Jolly”

  1. I would say I am Christian, and I reject organised religion. I love Christmas because its the main time to be withmy family .I have no doubt that we celebrate Christmas, on top of ancient Celtic rights, the church having put Christmas there to quash them. Here in Austria the echoes of the old are still here but now called custom not religion. Eventually Christmas will lose its identity too. God isnt bound by any denomination, he hasn’t given upon you either, have you read the book the shack? That really upset the establishment, and is a good eye opener to who God is!


    1. I like your thoughts. Something to ponder. I will look up the book. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge here. Custom instead of religion… I like the idea.This is one of the reasons why I blog. Hearing other opinions is enlightening. Thanks for visit and for leaving your footprints.


  2. I am not religious. I do believe in humanity. It is easy to become cynical with all the harm that is done by humans to fellow humans, animals and the earth, I still believe in humanity and their inherent good! I do celebrate this time of year, but not for the religious significance. I consider it a time to be with family and be thankful for and to reflect on the goodness that I experience and hear about throughout the year.


    1. You have valid points which I inclined to follow myself if I have your reasons. Unfortunately, I lost them too or otherwise I would be celebrating as well. I appreciate your thoughts and I envy you.

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