Most people (I think) are on tenterhooks about the future. Unless of course, you are one of the lucky few whose future is secure. But then again who knows what tomorrow might bring… no one knows what’s around the corner. The only thing secure in this life is the fact that we all gonna die sooner or later, the rest is a big question mark. Anything could happen. Some say the future is in your hands, you can shape it and make it happen. I beg to disagree. We could try and hope for the best but that’s all we can do. No one can predict the future. Sure we can guess the possible outcome of some things based on the proof that lies before our eyes today but even that is not one hundred percent sure. I’ve seen enough twist of fate to warrant my claim but as always I could be wrong. You know, in every rule…

The best thing to do (they say) is not to worry about the future and enjoy today because today is a gift that’s why it’s called a present. Add to it all the motivational quotes you can find about the future and you will get my drift, but__ there is always a but__ worry (about the future) we can’t help but do. People tend to worry about the unknown. They seldom pay attention to the present (those motivational quotes again) maybe because the present is a done thing, you cannot do much about what already is so, why not worry about what comes next? 

Not worrying about the future is one of those things that is easier said than done. Believe me, when I’m worried about the possible future, I didn’t even know I was doing just that. I thought I was just contemplating, deep in thoughts (maybe I was too) till I caught myself worrying then I knew I was doing it again. Seem to me being anxious about the future is a natural, most normal thing to do. No one likes bad surprises. And being caught in the rain without an umbrella is seldom good. Forget about learning to dance in the rain and all that jazz. Better safe than sorry they say. And though we know worrying about tomorrow is (probably) a waste of time, like I said, we do it anyway. And no amount of motivational quotes is going to stop us from doing that.

What to do then? Why not try to enjoy the ride while bracing ourselves for what’s around the bend. Fair enough? 


Be memorable. Say something unforgettable.

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