Have you ever been sad about something and felt like being alone? Didn’t feel like talking to anybody? Cause talking to people doesn’t really help? You got new text messages but you just read them and decided not to reply back cause you’re not in the mood for a conversation? You got phone calls coming in but you decided to let it ring till it stopped? You feel like no one will understand you, so instead of complaining to someone, you just keep your thoughts to yourself? You just lay in bed, and you think, and think and think about life and it still gets you nowhere? I’m sure we all have had those nights.

(not sure where I got this)


4 thoughts on “Peculiar”

  1. “I’ve had a lifetime of those nights” lamented the darkly reflective drunk
    “She was the trigger, my nature the gun” a shot glass fired back so fast
    “The hour of that enternity, the second my sanity left” the barman lets the drunk into a bottle retreat
    “Now let me never be sober, or I’ll catch a razor blade death” as into the night fades all that makes the barfly’s mood so black
    “And if that bitch says I raised a finger” a pause in bleak spirited pace
    “Let it be known, lies and an empty bottle carry more weight in the eyes of a judge” the shot glass dismissing its contents to the floor, the intended drinker passing out
    Not a grimice of pain, but a look of content to mark the event


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