I’d like to think that my posts embodied this very word. For the record, I am not doing it deliberately, it’s just me; I’m all feelings, instincts, and intuitions following and trusting them most of the times. Mind you I do follow my feelings but I take my wits with me, always. I’m not doing that deliberately either. Just my genetic makeup. I am who I am. If you doubt the authenticity of my claim, check this out and this for examples and tell me what you think. I would like to believe also that I am not all feelings all the time. Sometimes I (think) I wrote articles that relating more to the intellect rather than mere feelings. Check this, this and this out if you have the time to explore to have an idea what I mean. I will always be me, leaning on the dark sides writing from the heart and serving it raw without embellishments. No wonder I am not popular. But I will gladly take the anonymity anytime versus writing for likes, comments, popularity, and applause losing my self and my core in the process. No, thank you. I rather be me than follow the crowd, adapt herd mentality and become who I am not. I have to stay true to myself. Hence my gravatar only dead fish go with the flow. I know, I know, we are here to share and be read or otherwise why not keep a bedside journal instead of pouring our hearts online and I agree. We all want to be heard/read that’s why we are here but (and it’s a big but) not at the cost of your own true self. I don’t believe in writing for an audience (unless of course if you have to to pay the bills) I call it forced creativity and I am not a big fan of anything forced. Nothing good can come out of it. I’m talking out of experience. Before I have a verdict I sample the wares first so I would know what I’m blabbing about. Before I run, I want to know what it is I am running from. And after running around with the usual crowds I find out that being a copy of the majority in order to belong is a too high price to pay. It made me unhappy and feeling like a fake I don’t even recognize my own self. It’s easier though than swimming against the current but things that are worthy are worth flexing some muscles. Good exercise. Keep the body and mind healthy. And I’m getting sidetracked again so I will leave you here and till next time.