Unspoken Thoughts

Everybody wonders, ‘What happened to that sweet, nice, innocent, quiet girl.’ I’ll tell you what happened. She’s been through a lot of bullshit and realized a lot of things. For one, she realized half of her ‘friends’, isn’t really her friends. She found they talk shit about her, but still have the nerve to look her in the face and smile. That’s when she found out, she can’t trust anyone but herself. Also, she’s seen the worst kind of guys, who pretends to be good at first but eventually their bad intentions show. All the guys she depended on to make her happy, all let her down. That’s when she realized, she can’t depend on anyone but herself. Because of all that, that ‘sweet, nice, innocent, quiet girl’ you used to know, is gone…


Be memorable. Say something unforgettable.

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