Never I have seen so broad meaning of one word. Some of them are enough to make a seasoned girl like me blush to the roots of my hair. Okay, forget I have said that. Just Goggle it and see for yourself.

Oops… Made a mistake there. It supposed to be with two “L” not one. But then again maybe not. Damn that urban dictionary. I should have not look into it. Anyway, at least I’ve learned a thing or two today which is not bad because life is a never ending learning process. There is no such thing as too much information. Well- informed is better than intelligent ignorant. I think. I don’t even know what I’m saying. Too little sleep (again) and no food (yet) can make an old girl like me hallucinates. TGIF and have a very good weekend despite the forecast of rain and the temperature going down by more than five degrees. We are still in the 20s at least. Good for the plants to have the much-needed burst of rain showers. In fact, I can use them too. Off to eat now. Till next time.