Confessions of The Girl Who Took The Leap

I think the saddest thing in this life is when we settle because we are comfortable even though we are hurt and empty. We keep thinking there is nothing or no one else out there for us and so we stay in the cages we built around ourselves even though the key is right on the lock. 
We fear the uncertain, the unknown, the adjustment, and the confrontation. We stay because we think we are home even when what we have is actually hell. We refuse to let go out of not wanting to throw away invested time, effort, and emotions; out of pride and other people’s expectations, and our own obligations. But you must remember this, my sweet one: You, above anyone else, have the right to your own heart. Rip away the stubbornness, the fear, the pride, and believe that you deserve a shot at happiness. Do not be dead while you are still alive.

Life is all about the choices that we make and if we do feel stuck, it’s because we chose to remain at the same place all this time. As much as we try to be fair to all mankind, we must ultimately be fair to ourselves. Holding on to something that tears you apart and tortures your mind and soul is not strength; it is not even love. But letting go of the things that hurt you, wishing people you leave behind well, and moving forward with a heart full of hope; that— that is pure strength right there.

So be bold, be brave, be selfless, and be true. Take hold of your own fate and believe that when things fall apart, there are broken pieces that only the universe can fix. Release and let go. I assure you a violent ride, turbulence beyond fathom, and powerful waves that will hit you until your lungs run out of air, until your legs give out, and until it feels like every cell in your body is going to explode. For the first time it will feel like you are a stray without a home, and all that is warm and familiar is gone. You will feel lost, alone, helpless, and at the brink of death as if all that is good on this earth has been snatched from your palms.

But I want you to hold out. Hold out and endure. Waddle through the changes and endure the pain. And in the middle of all this, you will find unlikely strength that has been asleep inside you all along. The faint of heart cringe at the very thought of this suffering. But I want you to remember that suffering may endure for a day, and joy comes the morning after.
You are finally free.

By Mosselle Cruz