The status of my love/sex life right now. But then again it’s still winter. But is it not that during these cold months we are in dire need of some warmth? But (there is a lot of buts) how can I ask for impossible? If it didn’t happen already by now it will never happen, right? Last night I lay awake in bed (mind you that was after sex) thinking: this is it? This is really it? But (yes another but) I’ve been asking myself the same question for the last decade and a half. Is it time to move on or be just dead, mind body and soul.


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6 thoughts on “Lukewarm”

      1. Little thing + little thing = big thing. big thing + big thing = huge thing. Huge thing = overwhelming.

        I get it, I really do. I hope things are working out a little better now.


      2. My son once told me that I can’t ask for something his father doesn’t have to give. He is what he is so I ‘m afraid there will be no light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to accept or get out of the dark.


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