The Good Old Days

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days. -Dough Larson

The last time I’ve been to my home country we visited a remote village at the back of beyond in the middle of nowhere (grin) and on the way there we saw these groups of people washing clothes and it brought back so many childhood memories when we had to walk kilometers to wash our clothes because the water was scarce. We did it mostly on weekends, Saturday to be exact so by Monday we had decent clothes to go to school. I’ve never seen this scene for a long time. I thought most people have washing machines these days, I didn’t knows that in some places they still do it the old fashioned way. It easy to assume that because we get used to comforts others have it too. The last time I washed clothes in this manner was when I was in fourth grade. Imagine that. It’s nice to see, good for photographs but I can’t envision myself doing it all over again. Maybe on vacation for fun but not as a way of life. Not anymore. 


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