I have some strong fascination with odd numbers. 

I don’t know if I can call it a ritual or superstitious belief but they are special to me. When my actual fascination (or obsession ) with them had exactly begun, I can’t remember anymore. All I know is I got to incorporate them with anything and everything I do. 

For example: the number of tags I attached with every post I make here in my blog are all odd digits. If I happen to forget or make a mistake counting the words, I will not rest until I set them straight. That’s how bad it is. Doing exercise, buying vegetables, decorating a place (I know that in design there is a rule concerning odd numbers when grouping or making a vignette to achieve a more pleasing to the eye, visually stronger cohesive look for maximum impact) planting in the garden, flower arranging, chewing my food; name it I will find a way to include the use of odd numbers in practically every task I perform. I know it is crazy and obsessive but I can’t help it. It is stronger than me.

Please don’t try to apply RCA (root cause analysis) method on this habit of mine because I already ruled out possible psychological issue regarding this matter. There is simply none. If there is an underlying factor, believe you me, I have already found it by now. It’s just like the way it is. Okay, I’m a bit of an OCD and perfectionist but I don’t see any connection between these things. I just love odd numbers, that’s all… 


6 thoughts on “Uneven”

  1. OCD can greatly influence your love of odd numbers. It’s probably why it’s not just a decorating choice, but how many times you chew your food and why you get anxious about the tags. I am an evens girl myself, but it’s not as strict as yours. I just consider even numbers to be more symmetrical and easier to remember. Like 10 push-ups or two scoops of icecream. That sort of thing.


    1. So, we’re opposites. Glad to know that. Most people I think are leaning towards even, like you said symmetry-which is another rule in design- easier and more straight forward choice. It’s good that people are different from each other, it maintains balance and keeps this world from being boring.

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      1. It’s funny. My favorite number is an odd number, my bday is an odd month and odd day, even my address is an odd number. But I still prefer evens. Lol.


      2. Again mine is the opposite of yours. I was born on August 26, A middle child in a broad of 8 and have 4 sisters. I have two kids and I’m going golden this year. And still I’m fascinated with odd numbers. 😀


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