In the last two years I wrote 741 posts, have 45,045 views, 17,759 visitors, 16,513 likes, 7,331 comments and 1007 followers in WordPress alone. I’ve been nominated for countless awards, especially in the beginning but yet to accept one. All of these are more than I could dream and hope for when I started this blog. I thought nobody would pay attention. I have no niche, my posts are uncategorized, my ramblings like my moods are often dark and out there; in short: not everyone’s cup of tea. But miraculously there are people who find my blog interesting enough to read and even follow, I’m immensely grateful for that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

What I’ve been doing this year aside from blogging… Well, I published three E-books and I am currently writing my first novel and have 71,954 words on paper so far. I still have four E-books to publish next year and the concepts of book two and three of my novel are steadily forming in my mind. I already know where to go, the trick is finding out how to get there successfully and converting the images I see in my head into words that are cohesive and understandable (and of course readable) for other people. I’m inspired, I’m hopeful, I’m determined to follow my dreams and see where it lead me. Happy New year to all and here’s to following our hearts’ desires and let’s not forget to bring our brains with us. We need it to keep our feet on the ground and to talk some sense to us once in a while. Success everyone!


I don’t believe in resolution. I will just continue what I’m doing and take it from there one day at a time following my feelings and instinct sharing my thoughts and those of others who move me and tickle my curiosity and see what happens, hopefully something wonderful. I love surprises good or bad but have no expectations so there will be no disappointments. I will continue to try my very best to reach out to the readers and who knows I will find more kindred spirits.


6 thoughts on “Hopeful”

  1. Thank you for this post. I find it very inspiring, even more so, because I am a newbie to blogging. I wish you a very happy new year and the very best for the books!!!


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