Mind the Gap

The moment I read the Discover Challenge for this week it immediately brought to mind Cassandra Calin, a Romanian born- Canadian artist and graphic designer who draws amazing cartoons about realities of life versus expectations in whimsical ways showing the lighter side and funny aspects of everyday problems. I like her. I like her humor and find her inspiring. You can see some of her works here. I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it. She always makes me laugh.


13 thoughts on “Mind the Gap”

  1. Sadly, the lipstick cartoons bring back a specific memory….fortunately it wasn’t in a situation that “mattered.” But I was still mortified and wore very light lipstick for years after that…


    1. I’m lucky that my natural coloring can tolerate dark lipstick. Those light ones with mother of pearl elements that makes me look like a have just devoured a whole fish, scales and all. Not too mention liquid lip gloss…

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      1. Yes, I am way too fair-skinned to delve to deeply into the dark colors…but I don’t know that the mother of pearl colors would serve me well, either. At a point you start wearing lipstick to look alive and that may be the point you give up on wide experiementation with color!


      2. Indeed. I discovered lipstick far too late and only start wearing them a year ago. If I have known… Anyway, I stick to what works for me now and pray they will not go out of production anytime soon.

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  2. These are great. Thank you for introducing Cassandra Calin. I’d like to only say that it is my type of humour but she has drawn what is often my reality. I think many of us can related to the ‘what we think…’ versus ‘what is actually…’ haha! Great post 😀


    1. I think if all of us can draw… I used to do once upon a time. Paint too. But first things first and i have to pick my priorities in the right order. Someday when I’m old and gray I will take up sketching again.

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