We live in a time-crunched world, and just about everything we do seems to be urgent. -Joyce Meyer

Yes. That and a lot more. 

We need (urgently) to learn to really listen and communicate properly. Not just spitting words that hit no mark and designed to confuse, manipulate and deceive others.

We urgently need to sort out our priorities and prioritize those that really matters. Not only for personal gain but for the good of mankind and this world in general.

We urgently need to simplify our lives. People of today are becoming more and more materialistic with each passing second.

We have to start bringing back old fashion morals and values like respect and honesty. 

We urgently have to stop idolizing people for all the wrong reasons.

We urgently need to relax.

We’re losing the sight of our primary and original goal-that is to live, not merely exist. We’re so worried about the future, image, possessions that without knowing we become slaves of our own ambition.

We are so obsessed with youth and beauty we neglected the fact that the very thing we despise is our very own future staring us square in the face. Be kind to elderly, have patient, be tolerant, value them because it is only a matter of time before we arrive at the same station. How you want to be treated when the time comes? 

We urgently need to sit down, have some serious thinking, try to have a clear view where we are heading, what are the options? What we want to achieve? Is the end really justify the means? We are clearly heading for disaster-globally. We cannot deny anymore the facts. If we don’t do anything to alter our course immediately, then there is no future for mankind.

We urgently need to save this world. Believe you me.