Dying Candle

A candle dies out
Another one has failed
Emotions lost in doubt
The pain as if to be nailed
Those who have cheated
Those who have lied.

Only to be repeated
Not learning from what said
It can be again lit
But the chances are low
This failure brings a fit
Heart tangled like a bow.

Time has now passed
Lovers have come and gone
So many times harassed
Life lived as it comes.

True affection is faked
Pain from the lies
At the heart, claws rake
In the night, come the cries
So weak and alone

This is a sad goodbye.

Now near the end
They let out a moan
No reason to defend
One last feeling
The mind clouded with lust
No more gifts from above
No one left to trust.

The candle now rest
Smoke rise as remain
Pain in the breast
A flame now bane
All true were fake
Each pleasure, now forgot
They lay, no longer awake
Their body now rot.

The pain is over
False love was the cause
Their eyes, now sober
A sound of applause
The stage was set
A body, now lax
They lost the bet
Now dead, like the wax…

~found poetry


daily prompt

Be memorable. Say something unforgettable.

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