I don’t know how to handle flattery or even sincere compliments. I have difficulties accepting and believing praises. We never get it at home and I don’t dole them out easily. But when I give them, I really mean it and not because of some ulterior motives to further my own interests. My children said I rarely praise them but I only give credit where credit is due. I will gladly acknowledge accomplishments when I truly believe they are worthy of applaud, but I will never lie to give false comforts. It is like feeding your children fairy tales, shielding them from the real world and letting them grow up like hothouse flowers, fragile and tender.

No, I don’t need flattery. I know when I do good and I know when I messed up. I don’t need or want anyone glorifying me. A simple honest feedback will do.


Be memorable. Say something unforgettable.

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