Don’t judge a book by its cover -beauty is only skin deep- still waters run deep- and all those cliche we have heard over and over again but never get tired of using. We apply it in any conversation we deem appropriate to incorporate a witty remark to show a bit of our cranial capacity. And so we thought. I, for one don’t want to hold a discussion with anyone who punctuates his monologue with cliche’.

But those overused phrases banal as they are always hold some truth in them. It is indeed true that a facade is just a facade. You will never know for sure what is behind or what is in there. And in life, those cliche’ are seldom wrong. Here is another adage that is not out of place here: In every rule there is always an exception. Or it is an exemption?  Anyway, sometimes an outer layer is a prelude of what’s inside. Nothing more, nothing less. More so when we’re talking about inanimate objects like houses? Buildings? Cars? You can hardly expect a Ferrari hiding in a Mini. Or a castle wrapped inside a chocolate box cottage. In these cases, everything comes down to perception and personal preference. Which one appeal to your taste the most_ beauty or brain? Just kidding.

The point is- whether we believe those cliche’ or not and trying to avoid or embrace them, we are all guilty of judging the book by its cover. We cannot help it. People are visual creatures. We believe what we see and judge accordingly. The idea is already formed in our minds within seconds of witnessing whatever it is. We judge with our eyes.  We only recant our first impression when proven otherwise, and even then. Seldom people change their opinions about anything. That’s why there are wars, racism, discrimination, violence, poverty and all those mighty fruits of misunderstanding that originated from looking at the package and drawing an instant conclusion without taking time to find out what is the contents. Sadly enough, the more beautiful the package, the more positive the reaction it will elicit from the majority. And for a lot of people, an appealing facade is more than enough. Whether it’s a house, or a person we’re talking about. I’ve read a picture quote the other day that goes like this: “I can change my attitude but you can’t change your face.” Sad isn’t it? But again true. Reminds me of those big dirty houses with overgrown neglected gardens. Most people would prefer them than a clean inviting well maintained but small property.

And I see no light at the end of the tunnel. It was like that ever since the world begun and will be like that till the world ends. People will always be captivated and drawn to beauty, whether it’s on the outside or inside layers. I assume everyone must have heard by now this popular saying: A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Some of us know that It was from John Keats. But do you know also that it is not a quote but a poem? A book really.  A long poem that goes on and on. Are you aware of the title of this famous work? It is called Endymion. There is even a book two. In my understanding it is more about love than beauty. But who am I to say? I’m ignorant when it comes to these sorts of things.

(Well) what do you know! (smile) I got sidetracked again. It happens more and more lately. My thoughts always try to connect (un)related things together like outer layers, facade, beauty, package, perception, judgment, prejudices, opinions, conclusions and poems. Even people buildings and cars. While all I wanted to say is: people will weigh your importance and value and treat you accordingly the way you present yourself to the outside world and if your appearance conforms to their standards and tastes. Or otherwise you are just plain dirt and not worth a single minute of their precious time.

What I’ve learned by now is if you want a peaceful life, don’t rise from mediocre existence. The moment you grow tall and shoot above average on the way to excellence in whatever field, you become a contender, the enemy therefore must be eliminated. It is easy to be generous and charitable when you’re above and winning but not when you feel threatened. People get nasty when they feel insecure. They will reflect on you their doubts and fears in the form of intimidation. If they think you’re nothing, why bother? 

Okay I will stop here because I am really in danger of going out of topic. Thanks for listening (reading) and till next time (if ever there will be) Sayonara. Enjoy your weekend.