That’s how I see life sometimes- incomplete. We spend the rest of it looking for missing pieces, people that can make us feel whole. We accumulate unnecessary things to fill in the void, decorate our existence and justify our needs to be complete. That’s why probably those busy career people who don’t have time for children insist to have kids despite their hectic schedules. Then they will drop their offspring to the crèche, get them again in the evening, spend a couple of hours probably bathing and tucking them to bed (if they cannot employ a live-in nanny) and that’s it. The cycle will repeat the next day. I thought: if you don’t have time for children, don’t make babies. Kids need more nurturing and warmth than material things, or otherwise they will grow up to be cold and detach individuals who flinch when someone give them a hug or pat their shoulders.

I know, I’m probably razzmatazz-ing but that’s how I feel about it. If we really feel complete and whole, how come we’re hoarding things we don’t really need? have affairs outside the marriage, try to possess bigger houses and bigger cars, change jobs and gadgets ever so often, travel extensively and spend whole of our lives searching, looking for satisfaction that will never happen. Because we’re bored? In the name of progress? changes? Pleasures? That’s all spells incomplete to me.

Life is an unfinished business from beginning to end. From the cradle to the grave. Because even one is dead and reached his final destination, the journey doesn’t end there according to Catholics. Just kidding. I believe no man if he is honest at least, can say that now I’m complete I’m ready to die. For a moment maybe. But talk to him the next day and he will tell you his new plans for the future. New toys to be had, other horizons to explore, it never ends. How about legacy? Successors, next in line, etc. I wonder if Einstein and Steve Jobs  have felt complete in their lifetime…

Ever heard of a life cycle? 

Life goes on and on. It can never be finished. Even roads or bridges and buildings are never complete. Once they are erected, it is only the beginning. A lot of things can still happen. Like history. It made us what we are and the future generation can continue our unfinished business and the generation after them, and the generation after that. 

This article is not finished. I can still go on but I will end it here because I can see that it’s going nowhere. Blame it on train of thoughts, free-writing, anything.