That is what I am telling myself each day. Just jump and get it over with. What are you afraid of? Nothing will happen unless you take the first step and dive. There is no use theorizing about the outcome. You can keep speculating, guessing, but unless you take the crucial plunge you will be stuck where you are_ square one.

Easier said than done. It is not simple to gamble everything you own for the sake of change and so called freedom no matter how you think important the matter is to you. It is not a straight forward decision to one day decide to just leave your safe haven and just go, explore the unknown because you’re bored and feel tied up. Not when you reach a certain age. Not with the current climate. Not when simple everyday things (like peace, safety and freedom) most people including you once upon a time taken for granted become priceless commodities. Not when you are physically sick.

Then stop dreaming then. Stop wanting, stop speculating, stop complaining. If you are not planning to do something about your situation, there is no use thinking, planning, aspiring. Just shut up and resign. It is a waste of valuable time and energy to go on and on thinking all the possible and impossible scenarios about your fantasy and goals when the truth is you are so coward to take the first step and jump. That way you will miss out on a lot of things. You will not enjoy the here and now . You will go round and round in circle without no real destination. And before you know, time had passed and it is too late for you to do anything. You will be forever stuck in the life you are trying to leave. You will wake up one day that your worst nightmare has come true_ you done nothing.

So, what to do? 

Jump you fucking coward! Just do it! What are you afraid of?

Forget about safe haven (safety is subjective) forget about everything you own (you can’t bring them where you-each one of us- eventually end up) forget your age (it is better late than never) forget about your health (we are all born terminal) forget all those worries and fears (they are shackles that holding you) forget everything and start anew. Maybe you will make the wrong decisions. Maybe you will not succeed. Maybe you will regret the move. Whatever might happen at least you can say to yourself that you’ve tried. It is better than forever wonder about what if. Would you want to be there lying in your death bed thinking what could happen if you have enough guts and courage to jump? I think not.

Now is the time. Don’t be afraid. It is better to live and die than just exist.