Lying down in my bed, if I stretch my arm all the way upward I can touch the sloping side of the ceiling. In the beginning I find it strange and claustrophobic. In our country house (which is an Edwardian dwelling) I need a very tall ladder to be able to clean the chandeliers in every room, and even then… Here in our suburban abode (a modern take on a cottage) everything is smaller. Much smaller. (But still a far cry from my humble origin of living in a shack under the bridge)  I thought I will never get used to it.

Funny how people get used (quickly and easily) to everything, good or bad. After a time you don’t even think of it anymore. When the novelty wears out, it becomes a permanent fixture of day to day life. You don’t wake up in awe of the situation anymore. You stop admiring the beauty of it. You settled in and accept whatever as part of your existence. Perhaps once in a while (like in our country house sometimes I stand in the hallway admiring the winding staircase and period features and thought: how beautiful the house is. Full of character and amazing little details) you stop in your tracks and realize how wonderful and lucky you are for having this and that, for being there, for being able to enjoy a commanding view from your window, for driving a status car, for living in luxury.  

In a bad situation, you start with making excuses (perhaps after you realized that there is nothing you can do to change it) then acceptance and life goes on. I like our little cottage now. Its minimalist interior, the modern design, the coziness of the rooms, the amount of light coming in, the landscape garden and the wide smooth driveway and the comfortable home office. Sure I still miss the walk in shower for two with big rain shower head in the other house but not so much that I think of it everyday. I learned to take a bath and make do with a hand shower dreaming of the day that I can afford to install a proper one in the corner of the garage.

Don’t under estimate the resiliency of humans and their ability to adapt in any situation. We have the power and strength to deal with whatever obstacles life decides to throw on our paths. We are tougher and braver than we think.

I know that luxury is the easiest to get used to and take for granted. A beautiful face becomes just another feature after a time. A loving partner can be dull sometimes and stable relationships can be boring. No wonder people who are in happy marriages ended up being unfaithful for no reason at all other than boredom. No challenge, no stimulation, no new horizons to discover and explore. Everything becomes normal (and old) when the novelty wears out. C’est la vie.