Found Poetry

I was called gorgeous once

And sexy in jest

I get lovely sometimes

But few of the rest.


I’ve never been beautiful

Never been hot

I didn’t mind it so much

It’s just something I’m not.


Most of the time

I just look okay,

Not bad, not good

In the middle I stay.


It was fine what I have

There are other things worse,

Little did I realize

An okay is a curse.


But the real truth

I’ve noticed quickly

That, every single time,

Someone’s better than me.


Looks are superficial

Because they don’t last,

But they do come in handy

I’ve learned in the past.


I’ve often been liked

For who I am inside,

But it always stops there,

I never get the full ride.


Between myself and another

They will never pick me,

Because the other girl

Is a little more pretty.


A little bit taller

A little more cute,

A lot less round

Has an athletic look.


I may be funny

I may have a nice smile,

But when it comes to body

I’m a little more vile


No matter how nice I am

I never could hide

From the cold and hard truth

That I’m ugly outside…



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