A Piece of Advice

Hey, please replace ‘I wasn’t good enough’ with ‘it wasn’t right for me’ in your thinking. Everyone’s talents and brilliance are differently placed, and if you’ve ever felt like you ‘weren’t enough’ for something, it just means it wasn’t right for you. There’s a place, position, person out there that you’re perfect for, and the only thing you’ve ““failed at”” is finding it yet.

— Meloetta

I saw this quote while browsing through my feeds and I thought: Wow! How different our lives would be if we could motivate ourselves like that. Telling ourselves that our chances are still out there waiting for us to discover and make a success of it. They say that if there is no opportunity, create one. It is one of those things that are easier said than done but the least thing we could do is at least give it a try. What we have got to lose?

This quote above reminds me of a person who was a contestant in an internationally well known talent search. (Despite of her enormous popularity) She ended in top five but failed to bring home the bacon. She’s good. But not mainstreamed. I wonder if it’s her gender (she’s a girl who is looking like a boy with a voice to match) which she is open about that had contributed to her not winning the title. I like her and I find it a pity that the world is not yet ready for someone like her.

I thought that was the end of it. But this amazing talented girl refused to give up. Against her family’s wish, she drops out from college (architecture) and begun pursuing her dreams relentlessly. She uses her popularity to sell apparels bearing her name, she added perfumes to her growing merchandise and elbowed her way to cafes and comedy bars sometimes performing for free. She did cover after cover and uploaded them in Youtube. Traveled around the country searching for gigs. Guess where she is now? Where she belongs. On top with the winner of the talent search, among other superstars. They call her The Voice Of Soul.

She impresses me. What if she had given up five years ago? What if she believed that she’s not good enough to be a winner. What if she let her gender and people’s judgment to be obstacles to her dreams? But she didn’t and she’s damn right!

We can take her example and tell ourselves that we’re good enough. My time will come and I’ll be there ready. For the now, I will walk closer to my goal one step at a time.




4 thoughts on “A Piece of Advice”

  1. Those talent shows drive me mad at times! So many people don’t fit the shows cookie cutter approach and many talented people are by-passed.


  2. I absolutely love this advice! It is so true. Someone told me something similar once and it has really changed the way I see myself and my life experiences.


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