I’m back!

I landed at 15 minutes past eleven this morning.  It was twelve thirty when I arrived home and one o’clock before I managed to open the front door because I spent quite sometimes inspecting the damage in my garden. Bag in hand, luggage by the front door, I started pulling weeds between my flowers. Tons to do! I saw that my house plants died despite of putting them in the sink half full of water. I didn’t realize Impatiens (Busy Lizzie) needs so much amount of liquid. Well, I will buy new ones. They are not expensive.

Then I drove to the shop to have something to eat this weekend. I will do proper grocery shopping next week.

Laundry have to wait. I took at least 3,000 pictures (and they are all worth the bother. I didn’t realize how crystal clear the water is in Menorca) and they have to be uploaded, sort out and one by one adjusted. The next coming weeks will be busy, busy, busy. 

Writing this, I feel like passing out of hunger and fatigue. I will share some of my photos in the next coming days and talk about my three weeks holiday. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I will crawl to the kitchen and gulp anything in sight. 

It’s good to be back guys!

6 thoughts on “I’m back!”

  1. Welcome home – I missed you!

    Some plants might resent being in so much water(?) although I admit I’m no expert on houseplants. I do have a pelargonium that has somehow survived two extended periods of being left over the last year. I thought it would die, but the first time, it just dried out and came back to life when watered again. The second time, my mum took pity on it.


    1. My “expertise” in gardening doesn’t extend as far as houseplants 🙂 I tend to kill them by TLC. I agree with some plants prepare drier condition like geraniums. I have a potted mums outside that survived three winters so far without someone tending it whatever the season. Once, I found a lavender in the cellar still alive. Speaking of lavender… I have no success with them. They supposed to thrive in neglect but I can’t grow them properly. Maybe I fuss about my plants so much. Good to hear from you again Susan.


      1. The trouble with lavender is we see all those wonderful pictures taken in the fields of the commercial growers and expect ours to look like theirs.


      2. Mine died. Each year I buy new ones and they never come back. Those that struggling to survive die eventually. I tried to replant them to sunny well drain spot, tried everything, but no success.


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