Hiatus And Real Adventure

At exactly 3:00 o’clock in the morning tomorrow (it means no sleeping tonight) I will be leaving for my annual holiday and will be gone for three weeks. There is a lot of things to take care of before I can make my departure to avoid nasty surprises while I’m gone and when I come back. The water and gas have to be turned off, garbage to disposed, house plants to water (I always upended a big bottle of water with a little hole drilled on top in each pot to ensure they will have something to drink when they’re thirsty) clothes to wash and iron (which makes me think of the amount of dirty clothes I’ll bring back from the trip and yes I don’t use laundry service in hotels) Tidy what have to be tidied in the garden (some plants cannot wait for three weeks for treatment like early flowering shrubs and trees that have to be pruned right after flowering. Keep my hostas and tinder leafy plants away from slugs and snails which seem to be multiplying by the thousands overnight especially now that we are having bad weather. Rain pours like waterfalls from heaven and flooding our garden in seconds (you saw the news) Some plants have to be tied and supported. You know the drill. 

I cannot post articles during that time because I vowed a long time ago never to use internet on holidays but I lined up and scheduled some interesting reads for my followers. Okay, I’m all pack ready to go. Money… ticket… passport… And oh, my medicine… have to hide valuables before closing the door. The alarm, the car, all the windows and doors locked. The police have been notified of my absence… Curtains closed, lights out… Did I forget something? 

See you in three weeks and keep writing…