I’m over that phase. I’m not even sure if I really get through the process. I have been hurt, disappointed, disillusioned, but angry… I don’t recall having such feelings. I can get mad and lose my temper momentarily but those emotions evaporate quickly. There is no residue over to nurse and grow into hatred. Being angry for me means harboring ill will towards someone, something you bottled up inside and it boils over with slight provocations. Anger is what makes people bitter and vindictive. It can lead to violence. For all the people did to me, I am not angry to them. I tried but the feelings didn’t last long, and that is probably my saving grace. Otherwise, I would be a grudge-bearing resentful bitter old woman by now.

What I did was charged it to experience and moved on. I might not forgive or forget, avoiding any circumstances where there might be a chance for them to repeat the offense, but angry… never.

Besides, experience taught me that seldom a person acknowledge what they did wrong. They often find excuses not to own the mistakes. Or if they  recognized the issue, they will try to lay the blame on you or anyone, minimize the situations or even give nonpology and halfhearted apologies to appease you for whatever personal reasons. So, why waste time trying to be angry if the person (or people) in question doesn’t even want to admit their wrong doings? The best revenge is to be happy with your life and ignore their existence. And most of all, don’t give them a second chance.