I am a big fan of this site  It is full of witty anecdotes and out of this world articles that often border on reality. I like the authors uncensored thoughts and their courage to put it out there. Take for example this article… It says:

When I left my country with the man I did not love, but I was sharing a life with, my greatest pleasure was to retreat in my room and lead an imaginary existence while reading a novel. If I were to move somewhere, I wouldn’t choose a country, I would rather choose a novel to move inside.

Home was a far place, not the claustrophobic place I was sharing with an enemy…

Read the full article here. I promise it will be worthy of your time.

Love triangles are very common, almost as common as the fear of loneliness or the fear of living. They are an indication of split personalities between the need for stability and the excitement of the unknown, between what we are and what we could become. An indication of the gap between what we want ourselves and what others expect from us.

I find that I can relate to most of their published works. As if someone visited my head and start writing about what they have witnessed in there. So seldom I read something that moves or inspires me. This site is one of the rare few. Check it out, maybe you will like it too.


Art: Christine_Wu

Be memorable. Say something unforgettable.

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