This is what people do everyday- surviving. Not only physically but emotionally and psychologically as well. We all have obstacles to overcome to keep ourselves safe not only from the world out there which getting increasingly violent with each passing day but also from ourselves, from avalanche of emotions and not so nice thoughts that besiege us from all sides. I believe that all people have violent gloomy dreadful suicidal fantasies from time to time swirling in their heads. Only those brave complicated gutsy evils without scruples dare to act them out in reality. Blessed are those simple individuals that have been spared from the suffering of too much awareness and thinking. They are the ones that are truly happy. Maybe they live in their own worlds but isn’t it a bliss, having your own world to live in without the hassles of the real one? I would like to have it, own world… but I see too much and feel too much, even those things that are not visible to the naked eye and written between the lines. No, I’m not imagining it. They are really there. Only some (or most) are adept on hiding what matters behind the masks. Maybe others see them too but they pretend they don’t. Too complicated and too time consuming to get involved with. I understand them. Life is hard enough as it is without adding more complex matters into it. Live and let live. I said that too, but it is one of those things that are easier said than done. You can be responsible for your own actions but how others will perceive and treat you are beyond your control. So, what we do if we are not ready yet to thrown in the towel? Yes, practice our survival skills in order to survive out there.


Art: Svyatogor_Masha-04