Are you living in a Zombie Marriage?

On the outside, it looks like your relationship is alive and well.

You turn up at family gatherings and parties together, you’re both cheering on the kids at their sporting events and the atmosphere around the house is civil – most of the time. There are certainly no blazing rows.

Sometimes you’re so good at keeping up appearances that you can even convince yourself that everything is OK. However, for one or both of you, something doesn’t feel right… Read the full article here. 

It’s quite interesting. Especially the quiz. Here’s an example:

1. There is plenty of family time, but we rarely do something as a couple (without other couple friends present).
2. When sex does happen, it is functional, brief and not particularly satisfying.
3. I feel like I am tiptoeing around a silent argument that’s been going on for years, but I’ve no real idea how it started or what it’s about.

And this one is recognizable it’s scary.

 4. There are times I dread my partner coming home.

If these sentiments are familiar to you then you know what to do.


Be memorable. Say something unforgettable.

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