The sand squishes suddenly,
Between my shoeless toes.
Then the tide flows over them,
And back down it goes…

Hot sun
What fun

Soft sand
How grand

Blue sea
For me

High tide
Surf side

Beach babe
In shade

Top less

No finds
Tan lines

Swim suit…

He sports
Tight shorts

No chance.



Poem by Robertson &Allison

Raison D’être

Like I said already before, I write to exorcise ghosts, to let the skeletons out the closet and occasionally let hem dance naked. I write to keep sane, to silence the voices in my head, to understand things so I can put them in proper order; to let go of my heave baggage, empty the rucksack I am carrying since I become first aware how dysfunctional our family is. I write to sort out my thoughts and give them structure and meaning. I write because I don’t know any better.

I am a designer by nature and by trade. I am not new to landscaping. Gardening is not only my hobby, it is also my passion. I draw and paint when the time is right and feel okay. I love to create beautiful arrangements for an instant and long-lasting effect. I have an eye for details and natural good taste. When it comes to design I am a visual person, I can relate to colors and objects by sight and instantaneously know what is the best option for a certain space. I can see the complete picture in my head down to the tiniest of detail and I am seldom wrong. It makes me happy to see the end product the way I envisioned it in my mind. I create to channel my creativity and have an outlet for my passion. Creating is my life. My essence. It is a big and crucial part of who I am.

Photography is another passion of mine. I see beauty in everything and always try to capture it the way I see it with my own eyes. Good moments are fleeting and seldom. By photographing scenes, I hope to record and preserve those special times so I can enjoy them over and over again and share them with anyone who has the same interest. We live in an amazing world. All I have to do is look at my pictures and see the wonder of nature and things to be convinced how lucky we are to be able to witness the everyday miracle of being alive.

Life and people are my main source of inspiration. The two combined is my muse. They fascinate me endlessly to write, to create, to build. They are the backbone of my art, the reason I keep trying my best. To see a beautiful result of my hard work, be it a living thing like a flower or a tree, a space I designed which put smiles on people faces, seeing someone more confident and grateful because I have given the person advice how to dress up for his/her maximum potentials, or inspiring someone with a piece I wrote and photographed are enough reasons for me to continue doing what I’m doing. It is a confirmation that I am on the right track. My Raison d’être.