There was a Cherry Tree in my garden before.  In spring, it was covered with fluffy pink blossoms that dance happily in the breeze. They say Sakura is an omen of good fortune and an emblem for love and affection. It embodies spring like no other tree. It flowers might be short-lived but they remind us of a fleeting nature of life.

I loved to lie beneath the gentle shower of pink petals floating softly to the ground. Sakura is my namesake. Pity that the tree is no longer there. A violent storm ripped it off from the ground… But it will be forever in my memory, all the times I spent reading books under it will not be forgotten. I have pictures to remind me of those happy moments…

Reminds me of this haiku by Kobayashi Issa

“What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.”

30 thoughts on “Sakura”

  1. Shame about the tree, but the various types of cherry trees we get here are my favorite flowering trees. Plus, these are some really nice photos of you!


      1. I love Magnolias too but in this area they are borderline hardy, so if we get a frost when the flowers are starting to come out, the flowers get damaged and don’t look so great. My favorite is the Kwanzan Cherry. Big beautiful pink flowers opened like the palm of a hand


      2. How about Camelia? They are hardy and flowering as early as February. When I first saw them I thought they are roses. I was surprised to find out that they are cousin to tea tree.

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      3. No unfortunately. They are beautiful too but definitely not hardy in this area, but you will see them in the South. The first signs of spring here are usually the crocus (a few weeks ago) and then the bright yellow of forsythia, then the flowering trees, then azaleas and rhododendrons 🙂 Can you tell I used to work in a plant nursery for 14 years 🙂


      4. Sounds like you are slightly behind, but everything is off this year! It was beautiful here a week or so ago and now we’re back to winter 😦


      1. Right now I am focused on achieving something I have wanted for a long time. Everything else is of secondary importance. 🙂 I have tunnel vision.


      2. I guess is a good thing, being focus on your goal and knowing what you want. But take it from a dying woman who used to think like you; we live right here and right now. Don’t wait too long. before you know your half- way to your grave and you didn’t live yet but thought you did.

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      3. True but I am so broke I can’t do half the things I’d like to. Better to focus on a goal that requires hard work and little money while I work off the debt. It keeps me sane.


      4. I understand believe me. There is no enough money. There will never be (as you will find out later) but things that matter don’t cost a penny. It is maybe a cliché when they say good things in life are for free but it’s true. We spend a fortune for things we don’t even need to live. If you are healthy and you’re free you don’t need much to live and enjoy life. Little things mean a lot.

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      5. Libraries. Couch surfing means going somewhere and crashing by someone on their couch. My son does it frequently. It is a bit dangerous in my eyes because you don’t know the person in the other side of the world. He let visitors crash in his house too. Equally risky.

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      6. My son will be in Nepal in July this year doing it all over again. He backpacked in India for two months and slept with farmers in nomads in the desert. He doesn’t realize how it is for me, a mother to worry each day while he’s gone.

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