How utterly different would life be if humans were made of different colours. Each a different shade. And a change in their colour had a specific meaning attached to it.

One would turn a light lavender while meditating, blood red when angry, a tinge of indigo with the purest beige when shy and shiny white while making love.

And let’s say that once two souls mate for life, they acquire the exact same shade which would never change.

Let death give people time by turning them into a rust, one hair at a time, so that they have enough days to realise it’s not long to live and pursue their hobbies, tell their loved ones how beautiful they’ve made their lives and explore things that their hearts desire.

Let murderers, rapists, terrorists go all black when performing crimes and remain that way forever so that the world could acknowledge their sins which could no more be hidden.

Let a woman turn into the purest gold while giving birth. Let lovers temporarily turn into an orange, like the sky in autumn so that the world can appreciate the beauty in their relationship not based on gender or caste.

And when things fall apart for these lovers, let their beautiful shade fade away like the autumn clouds…

– Diksha Daryanani


35 thoughts on “Colors”

  1. nice colour to your thoughts.Only why evil be painted black ? Aren’t we saying black is beautiful.For so is Krishna…Language and consciousness perhaps needs to evolve.Just like our imagination.Holi Hai !


    1. Maybe because black is the combination of all colors like white is the absence of. And something gone horribly wrong when mixing them. I don’t know. i’m only guessing.


      1. Yes and no. Yes the sun is shining in the midst of a blizzard storm. Few days ago a bomb exploded in our airport and two more in a train station and metro. Several got killed. Yesterday 450 hooligans disturbed an otherwise peaceful demonstration in honor of the victims. They hurt people and destroyed flowers and candles offering. There is more. But it’s enough info for now.

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      2. At this very moment we’re busy looking for means to get out of here even for a time. It is a big decision and crucial but I don’t want to go out the door and see convoy or shop in a mall with military escorts or pass by a bus station and see someone being shot in front of my eyes. Europe is becoming a danger zone.

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      3. Even had few interviews already. I talked to the HR of Singapore this morning and last week in NZ. They want us to come right away but duties only allow us to jump over by September the earliest. Singapore wants us in Hongkong and I can’t imagine myself there.

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      4. There is still so many things to consider. I’m jumping off ship in order not to drown. If I’m going to land into the same icy water but in strange continent what’s the use.

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      5. I studied abroad in college but that’s it. I have never moved to another country and made a permanent home there. So I’d have to say no.


  2. I hope you get to the place you want to go. Things are changing so fast and if we don’t get a handle on it, no matter where you go, it won’t be safe! …..humans made of different colors..sounds like something we could use right now!


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