Share a photo inspired by a poem, verse, song lyric or story.

I took this photographs earlier today when I was walking in the park and started to get dark. I turned around and saw this scene before me. Immediately I think of Blue Bayou. A song I sing once in a while if I feel homesick and want to go home but cannot. I didn’t have my pocket camera with me so I used my phone again. Looking at the images on my screen, I want to cry. The lights on the water and the ducks (we had lots of wild ducks in the vicinity when I was growing up. They eat fish and my father shot them for food. They taste quite divine) remind me of my childhood, watching the silhouette of my father with his fishnet scooping fish in the night holding a flashlight or a gas lamp in one hand, hunched over the fish cage oblivious of his surrounding and concentrated on the task at hand. I watched him from between the split in the walls till I fall asleep. He died 21 years ago.