The other day I wrote on my Facebook wall something like this: What I hate the most is women who think you will grab their husbands away from them. When I wrote this I have no specific woman in mind and I am not referring to any specific situation personal or otherwise but rather talking about the subject in general based on what I witness and read online lately. I see a lot of (picture) quotes on the walls of women passing my feed saying don’t touch my man, don’t look, smile, talk etc with my man or otherwise I will kill you in all possible variations. It irritates me to the max, things like that. 

They are supposed to be killing their respective partners instead of other women. Others can only try (everyone’s prerogative no law against that) but ultimately it’s the man who is going to make the final move. They always have a choice: To be or not to be (unfaithful) don’t blame others for trying. I for one will be proud if women are chasing my husband but will be signing a divorce paper without a second thought if it is the other way around.

Killing other women for flirting with your spouse is like treating a symptom not curing the root cause. If your partner is a womanizer and unfaithful bastard you cannot do something about that. You cannot change the innate nature of someone. Leave him. Killing every skirt flapping around his vicinity is not the answer unless you want to make killing as your profession or hobby. Like I said, leave him or live with it. No use being paranoid either. My father said if someone is not into you, you can stand on your head, put that person inside a chest and throw away the key he or she will find a Houdini maneuver to get away from you. So simple is that.

Or you can play his game (What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander) and let him eat his heart out.


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4 thoughts on “Price”

  1. I think we should not be killing others because of a woman or man they have taken from us. We don’t force somebody to love us. If someone loves us they will not leave us for another. It is also true that some people seduce others. But I think killing another is to severe.

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  2. Years ago my boss was “after me” and his wife hated me for it, even though I quit that job — without having another — because of it. Of course he just found someone else. After their divorce she called and apologized for the things she’d said about me (I’m not sure what all she said, which is probably just as well). I give her credit for figuring things out, and hope she found a man who treats her right.

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    1. You got it straight. Wives think we’re after their husbands that somehow we are responsible for attracting their attentions but blind to their spouses shortcomings or playing blind scared of losing them not knowing sooner or later it will happen anyway if they don’t deal with the foundation of the problems.

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