A Pop Of Color

These tiny beauties are the first to pop up in the garden, announcing that the Winter is finally over and Spring comes at last. And the bees love them!


13 thoughts on “A Pop Of Color”

  1. Pretty! All of our flowers are in bloom because of the crazy weather. It’s been warm here in Ohio for several weeks now. I think it tricked the flowers into blooming. But that’s okay…I like flowers. Thanks for sharing yours! 🙂


  2. Hi I like the flower pics. I think crocus are the first one but I don’t know much about flowers. I know a picture speaks a thousand words but I would have liked a few more words to tell me why I might like the flowers. Eg. They are very early this year. Or…The frost may get them and I have put bags over them at night to keep them warm. Or,,, You can almost see the faeries. Or …You know… set the scene a little. But nice anyway. Take care.


    1. Everything is early this year. Some deciduous trees and plants didn’t even shed leaves. Fauna and flora seem confused in general. Animals like hedgehogs didn’t hibernate this year. I rarely tell stories in my photoblog. The flowers are from tiny weeds next to the path near my place.

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      1. Not really. I think I alighted on yours for some reason I forget now. You seemed to be asking for comments so I simply did my best from what I could see. I apologize for any intrusion and hope you have a wonderful Easter, if that is your persuasion. Take care. I may simply have made a mistake. Sorry.


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