• It is not enough to love a person. You must also consider whether or not you are being treated with respect and compassion. We have to create terms and conditions for how we allow people to behave if they want to keep their spot in our lives.

• Set standards to filter out the shitty people. Be the best and most authentic version of who you are.

• Don’t settle for an unhealthy relationship. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Don’t waste time trying to change someone. Just because you’re capable of dealing with negativity, it doesn’t mean you should have to. It is not your responsibility to “fix” people. Instead, find somebody you like exactly as they are (flaws and annoying habits included).

• Inevitably, you will make mistakes. But what you do about them is what defines you.

• Who you involve yourself with romantically will influence you heavily. Choose wisely with the intention of learning and having one hell of a great time.

• Only invest in an honest kind of love that promotes personal growth and is filled with passion. Your energy is too precious to be spent on individuals who do not value your worth.

• Laugh. Sometimes life is silly. Carry on.

– Rae


Daily Prompt 

23 thoughts on “Object”

  1. Words of wisdom, well-defined
    I want to own them and make them mine.
    But what if the ‘unhealthy’
    are my own blood-kin?
    Do I disown them,
    unable to start again?
    Words of wisdom, well-defined
    How I long to own them and make them mine…


    1. Nice poem 🙂

      What I think best is to find balance
      You can’t totally divorce your own flesh and blood so why not keep them at arms length? And once in a while have fun with them?
      It is never too late to start again and there is never a harm in trying
      Habits you cultivate overtime
      Before you know a second nature it become 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for some more tid-bits of wisdom. I do keep certain family members at arms-length…more like legs-length! I’m sure we will start again once certain issues are resolved.

        Thanks again and keep up the beautiful work 🙂


  2. So True!!! Its very important to strike a balance between love and respect for a healthy and satisfied long -term relationship..


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