Starry Starry Night

This song of Don McLean about the late Vincent Van Gogh is not only a magnificent tribute to a genius artist of all generations but the lyrics itself appeal to most of the senses. The words speak of beauty, colors, weather, seasons, feelings, hopes and dreams. The accompanying video shows the paintings of Van Gogh for all to see. Truly Amazing.

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19 thoughts on “Starry Starry Night”

  1. beauty is beauty is beauty. great job with the paintings. I recall how I used to listen to the song over and over not knowing and wondering who the lovely Vincent was.


    1. When I was learning how to pronounce English properly, I used to sing this in karaoke. If one listens closely to the lyrics, one could hear Don Mclean sings the words more pronounced than usual that the -ed and the difference between z and s are really so noticeable.

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      1. This is too strange for words. This is the song I sang all the time, taught myself the chords on the guitar, played it on stage in front of 500 people in Madras’ Museum Theater in 1980, and won Best Vocalist Prize during the Inter-School Cultural Meet hosted by Don Bosco School. This is the song I sang when I first met my husband.
        And I adore Don McLean, as well as Vincent Van Gogh.
        How wonderful to read this, and see the video!


  2. Thank you for introducing me to Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings! I didn’t know there were so many, and I loved them all. Don McLean has a great voice, but again, I’ve never heard this song before, and it was lovely. For me, you combined the senses of hearing and sight into a moving and educational experience that I won’t soon forget.


  3. I was much younger when this song was first being played. Don McLean’s first hit that I know of was American Pie. A great song to people of my generation. However when I first heard Vincent, I considered it his best and most meaningful work. I still feel that way. I am glad others have the same feeling about his music and Vincent’s art. Phil


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