Starry Starry Night

This song of Don McLean about the late Vincent Van Gogh is not only a magnificent tribute to a genius artist of all generations but the lyrics itself appeal to most of the senses. The words speak of beauty, colors, weather, seasons, feelings, hopes and dreams. The accompanying video shows the paintings of Van Gogh for all to see. Truly Amazing.

Weekly Discover Challenge


By Anja Nilsson

It’s boring to work in an office 8 hours a day. So what are people going to do when all they do is work? Yes off course they have to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and eat cakes. They have to do something to get rid of that scratchy feeling inside. Then the money is gone, and the cycle of living in a rich city and being ”poor” starts again.

The system is also built upon the need to perform and do better or at least as good as your colleague. Otherwise someone else will replace you, and you won’t get any money to either get your basic needs satisfied or scratch that scratchy feeling with. People get depressed and burned out. People have heart attacks. The system is not built upon what we really might be here on this earth to do. Love and create. Every single one of us must have his or her own unique creativity that could NEVER be replaced with someone else’s. But most of us don’t have the time (money) to find that creativity.

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