Reverse Nightmare

Depression is such an overwhelming feeling. It’s bigger than anything. I’m terrified of it. What if I can never crawl back from that all-consuming aching chasm? I’m so scared of having to feel that horrible feeling that I do everything I can to avoid it. Distractions are amazing. Run away, go back to sleep, furtively bite nails, watch some mindless comedy, swim, read, walk, paint, write. Just don’t be alone with your thoughts. Until there’s no escape and you have to confront it.

– C. Milford


10 thoughts on “Reverse Nightmare”

  1. I am sending you all my best wishes…………I hope things get better for you. If I can do anything at all let me know. I can send cyber hugs and prayers should you wish them.(((impossiblebebong))))


    1. I appreciate the offer greatly. When I can’t swim anymore and sure to be drowning, I’ll reach out to you promise. I will try first to brave the current on my own to learn more surviving techniques.

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      1. I think these ladies are in your life to help you not get to the point where you are drowning. Reach out to them now. Swim to their embrace. God puts people in our lives because we need each other.


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