After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. Everything you are now will decompose after you die. Why so much pride? So much greed? So much evil, so much ego; for what? You cannot bring your possessions where you’re going. Stop being a slave of material things, self-image and status. Stop.


Daily prompt

Reverse Nightmare

Depression is such an overwhelming feeling. It’s bigger than anything. I’m terrified of it. What if I can never crawl back from that all-consuming aching chasm? I’m so scared of having to feel that horrible feeling that I do everything I can to avoid it. Distractions are amazing. Run away, go back to sleep, furtively bite nails, watch some mindless comedy, swim, read, walk, paint, write. Just don’t be alone with your thoughts. Until there’s no escape and you have to confront it.

– C. Milford