I don’t know what to say

I run out of ideas no inspiration

No chance to create new memories

The source is nearly exhausted


There was a time that writing is easy

Thoughts were running freely

Concepts are forming by itself

All I have to do is give them a place


I don’t believe in writer’s block

To me it doesn’t exist motivation

And inspiration are the keys

To set the locked muse free


Stagnant water gets murky

Before it dries out completely

I need a rain change of season

A new beginning another location


Nothing short of aspirations

Plenty enough to fuel a lifetime

But the itch has to be scratch

To satisfy the hungry mind


I want to run be out there

Taste the wind feel again

Close my eyes and commune

Be one with the nature


I’ve been in prison long enough

An exotic bird you cannot caged

I have to break free and fly once more

Staying here I will be dead…



38 thoughts on “Caged”

      1. If you do what you have always done. … A new approach. A place your feet never fall, may spring new doors open but you have to step.


      2. Yes. Indeed. Which is while I have swam before, I still went snorkeling. When I have gone snorkeling, I smirked at night with manta rays. Of course, I’ve only jumped out of plane during the day. ..I still have my own things to work on.


      3. Who was inflected? She’s was chasing someone else. I think he saw her for what she was. Her infection was dramatic. Self imposed and maintained


      4. The innocent section of Terra wasn’t very large. She burnt Atlanta down before Sherman got there! Rhett was a scoundrel. But even cannivers and schemers need love.


  1. “But the itch has to be scratch

    To satisfy the hungry mind:” amen to that. and I thought you agreed that when you ran out of inspiration you’d write a post about a court case involving a banana? 😉


      1. Here’s the idea:
        Someone in the university faculty office was hungry, check ed the fridge and saw a banana and thought; hey, this will be great match for my self made granola and proceeded to eat it.
        While eating, the owner of the banana – a colleague- who was murderous after his wife asked him for a divorce via text message arrived and upon seeing the other man eating his fruit years of experience ( at home with his siblings, in the playgrounds, locker rooms, and now his wife divorcing him for another) being at the losing end of custody battles came pouring down on him and he lost his control and attack the other man. The other man depending himself fought back and the owner of the banana ended up against the fireplace with his head pierced with a poker. The other man tried to wrestle the poker out and after a while he managed to free it from his colleague’s head. That was when the others found them: the owner of the banana lying dead and the other man poised above him holding a bloody poker.

        How’s that?

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