I was roaming around an old mine site and I saw these abandoned dilapidated old buildings and I thought: beautiful! It was forbidden to enter the site because of the falling masonry but I could not resist the temptation. It was a rare opportunity and I didn’t want to miss the chance. There was a gap between the iron fence. Someone must have forced them open for the same reasons as mine so I squeezed between the space and took several shots, all the time afraid that a brick or a beam will fall down on me if not the whole ceiling. Inside, one cannot look pass the evidence of the passing of time, there were debris and fallen stones everywhere, rotten pieces of woods and water damage. To me, there is a certain attraction in this ruins, a sort of magical feeling, a story waiting to be told…


19 thoughts on “Time”

    1. I love buildings (or anything) with character and history. Though as a designer I can appreciate all sorts of beauty and when it comes to buildings I personally favor modern, minimalist streamed lined design, I can’t love them as much as period properties.

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