20 thoughts on “February”

      1. I agree. I wish I had access to a garden when it snows so I could take these kinds of photos. There are parks here, but when it snows it doesn’t take long before the snow stops looking so good!


      1. I never intended to do that. Just conveying my emotions. It’s good to hear someone can read between the lines. And you’re right about Summer… if we’re lucky, we get a little bit of sun.

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  1. Lately, I’ve been reading Charles Dickens’s account of traveling through the wilderness of Pennsylvania between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. He liked the wilderness part, but the journey with others on a narrow canal boat was long and tiring. He would appreciate the lines above. On behalf of Boz., thank you.


    1. I can understand him. I cannot be with people for a long period of time as well. I need at least three weeks to recuperate after a dinner meeting or a party. I feel they suck my energy.


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