I‘m a songwriter with no voice.

I’m pro-life but I want choice.

My black and white pictures are mostly grey.

And in a dichotomized world I lose my way.


I am a paradox.


I’m a musician in my own mind.

And I’m evolving in my own time.

One eye on yesterday, one on today, and ears for tomorrow.

One vein of happiness, one of indifference, and one of sorrow.


I am a duality.


Consciously self-conscious and subconsciously confident.

Dependent upon people, yet deeply independent.

Eternally searching, ever finding, and always aware.

Sensory input, sensory output, sensory is everywhere.


I am complex.


Definitions, restrictions, limitations, perturbations.

Confusing, abusing, misusing, and losing.


I cannot be defined.


Innovative, creative, motivate, contemplative.

Fleeing, freeing, seeing, and being.


I will not be confined…


~ found poetry