The Worse The Haircut, The Better The Man

..besides, bad haircut grows back in time. Well, I had my hair cut yesterday.

Once a year I make the dreaded trip to the hairdresser and get it over with.  I regret every each one of them. I have yet to encounter someone who can cut my hair exactly how I want it. I let it done in my country, in the UK, in Spain… same result.

C’mon, how difficult a layered style with asymmetric pony can be?  I want the layer to be pronounced, textured not blunt, I want the ends to be thinly sliced, the edges jagged,  I want the hair framing my face in layers, shorter near my eyes and getting longer as it goes down my shoulders. I want a V cut view from the back. I also want the layers to blend, not choppy. Is that too much to ask?

I don’t want it to be cute or momsy. I want my hair to have more schwung, movements, edge, character, for crying out loud.  If I can detach my head from my body, I have done it already so I can cut my hair the way I want because I can. 

I am even willing to make a compromise.

What I really want is one of those anime warriors haircuts with multi-colored layers. Probably in the deep shade of burgundy or purple but I know that at my age (why I didn’t think of that sooner when I still can) it is a bit of a stretch and besides that kind of hairstyles need maintenance every six weeks or so and I am not willing to do the effort, costs time and money. So, I am willing to settle for the more boring version but boring doesn’t mean tasteless altogether.

What I have now is a more modern (according to the hairdresser) version of my long hair (means shorter)  something you might see on an eleven or sixteen years old, or older domesticated woman who lives somewhere in the mountains and have no idea about fashion or emancipation (I know it is just an idea and yet to fully become a reality but) somebody who is soft and sweet and happy.

In short not me.

Tomorrow if the sun shines (I need plenty/good natural light) I will remodel and reshape my hair closer to how I think/envision it supposed to be like I always do every time I came back from the hair salon.  

Wish me luck.


14 thoughts on “The Worse The Haircut, The Better The Man”

      1. I’m sorry. Usually I don’t have a problem if I bring pictures with me. They may get it a little off, but I don’t spend hours fixing what they did. Also, if you have pictures and tell the person exactly what you want, and they fail, you can raise a ruckus and get a discount. Another option is to tell the person who answers the phone when you make the appointment that you want someone who can handle a very particular client who knows what they want, rather than a stylist that has a mind of their own.


      2. I realize that. But I meant that maybe someone outside of the profession. I had a style no one could get right for a while, my aunt did it right. Another style my sister was able to do what I wanted done. Neither are hair dressers, they just understood and could see what needed to be done to do my hair the way I wanted. All it cost me was some company over dinner. Is that an option for you? Family or friend? It’s worth a try.


      3. I remember when I was a rebellious teen (13-15) and wanted to get rid of my long hair (my mother loved) in favor of a military cut, I went to the neighbor from across the road and let my hair cut for one peso. The woman was cross-eyed but did it right. I wish she’s still alive.

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  1. I think you should send or bring this narrative along. Something in it might provide the touchstone or inspiration the hair-cutter needs. But really I have no idea what would help. I cut my hair myself, using my sense of touch. It’s curly, so it’s not going to behave anyway. I’m free from getting mad at someone else. In my last school, the students called me Einstein, which they assured me was meant positively. I know stuff and have wild curly hair. I certainly was put in good company. Sometimes (often) I envy those like you who have rich straight hair (at least I think that’s what you have). You’re right–it should not be so hard to have it the way you want. I wish for your success!


    1. And I always wanted to have curly hair. I find it sexy and like you said, easy to handle. You are way cuter than Einstein but I will be flattered too if someone calls me that. I think hairdressers have their own ideas what good is and if I see those make over programs it seems true but it doesn’t translate in day to day life.


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