Conventional Me

I do believe that I am suffering from a mild case of slight peculiarity

This I do find greatly distressing.

Indeed, far from being vaguely odd,

It merely tars me with the same characteristics as that of the mundane multitude,

Whom are the normality.


A greater insult I could not possibly fathom.

Do not, I beg you, take this as an offence.

It’s merely that I had always revelled in the delightful assurance that I was what they call, “unique”, “individual, “abnormal”.


But to learn that this solid truth which I once held so dear is no more than a fallacy?

That is an incredible blow!

How can I ever again look down on the popular masses?

How can I ever again look the truly strange in the eye?

Is there even a faint glimmer of hope?


Alas, my last resort.

I shall endeavour to be what people refer to as

“dull”, “boring” “ordinary”

Yet this prospect fills me with much intense excitement!


Oh, and it is a struggle to contain!

However, contain it I must. So, as not to shatter the illusion;

The thin veil that separates me from the sheeps of the world.


Please welcome the incredible,

The amazing,

The most utterly wonderful,

Brand spanking new,

Conventional me!

~ found treasure

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