Bah, Humbug!

Okay… Christmas is here again and no matter how I try to be a female version of Ebenezer Scrooge minus the greed I cannot escape certain duties during this holiday season. The dilemmas are always the same each year:

What to wear to those parties?

An outfit for family gatherings must be proper and not overly chic; something a critical mother in law would approve, meaning = don’t upstage her at all cost.

Another one for a corporate lounge dinner with people you don’t know at all and have nothing in common but have to chit-chat nicely in case they are your spouse chiefs or subordinates, wives included. The attire must be formal enough to be classy yet not too constricting for after dinner twirling on the floor with just a hint of simple sexiness as not to look slutty.

And not to forget yuletide season night of fun with friends and whoever they decide to bring along. This time, whatever the choice must be warm enough for after dinner strolling around the city hopping from bar to bar sampling their signature drinks or in case the parking is too full you have to leave your car a few kilometers where you have to be. But it has to be punchy too with a lot of schwung for flirty yet classy effect appropriate enough for semi-formal dinner and to impress your friends and their escorts. (haha)

Oh, the color! I almost forgot the color. Red is the obvious and safest choice for my southern coloring that’s why I will not wear crimson this year. Black makes me look washed-out, I will disappear in any shade of tan; white is not festive enough and will appear luminous in any muted lighting. Violet- lavender- mauve and purple remind me of funeral homes, that leave only yellow which is a big no-no in any circumstances; blue and green which are the traditional hues of Christmas itself will never be on my list no matter what. I don’t want to resemble either a holiday tree or the baubles that go with it. What a freaking dilemma!

What to serve for Christmas dinner?

As to satisfied the fussiest of eaters among your guests but at the same time not spending the whole evening in the kitchen people would wonder where you disappeared maybe gone to some fancy restaurant for last minute order to replace your over-complicated menu that didn’t work because of your shaky nerves (catering costs a lot of money and frankly I cannot name one among my guests –to- be that deserves such ado and effort since I don’t like them at all the feeling is mutual I suspect the good thing that I only see them around this time of the year) I have to come up with an original idea that will not cost trouble but will blow their socks off.

Next is: what gifts to buy?

Especially for the ones who are lucky enough to have everything they can think of. I know it’s the thoughts that counts but you and I know better. I witnessed enough family Christmas gifts drama where both parties ceased to talk to one another long after the jolly holiday is over and years beyond that. Believe me, the theory about its- the -thoughts –that- counts- can only stretch so far.

And of course, we cannot forget the hubby darling dear and our once in a blue moon special tête-à-tête; it requires proper attire drinks and delectable(s) as well. And if you are like me who only gives certain favors and accommodations during special occasions… then more careful preparation is required if you know what I mean.

That nicely summarized my festive dilemmas around this time of the year and like Ebenezer Scrooge, I would (if I could) say… “Bah, Humbug!”  Because like him; I do not want to socialize because I never experienced steady growth in a strong family unit and all that jazz, or I could lay the blame on my ex who managed to make every Christmas that we’re together (that’s 20 traumatic years) a living hell.  How’s that for an excuse?


31 thoughts on “Bah, Humbug!”

  1. This is good post. Very aptly written.

    According to Maya Angelou,
    “The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

    Best Wishes for all your future posts. Looking forward to reading all of them 🙂

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  2. Nicely wrote. By the way, you don’t look washed out in black. 😉 ok maybe that’s isn’t you in the picture. Holidays are always more difficult than they need to be.


    1. Thanks for the compliments. Yes. People are more focus on what it has to be than just enjoying the season and maintaining the true spirit of Christmas. If you don’t conform to the norm then you don’t belong.

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  3. Even though I don’t share all the dilemmas that you have during this Christmas season, I truly resonate in not wanting to socialize either. Yes, I love my family, but it seems they up the ante for annoying questions and remarks during the holidays. Someone needs to write a survival guide for that!


    1. No wonder there are a lot of movies made about family gatherings especially during holidays. Strange because families are supposed to be more tolerant of each other. I guess familiarity is the best ammu against someone. They know which buttons to push.

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      1. It’s true, family is supposed to be more tolerant of each other but of course, what should be isn’t what happens in real life.


      2. Sometimes, they just can’t help it. Either they push your buttons because they know you so well, and they don’t even mean to; sometimes it’s you. Because your expectations are unable to be met because they are who they are and you want them to change. Just hand out strips of duct tape as they walk in, and say that all you want this year is for them to wear it across their mouths lol


      3. Nobody knows somebody that good. I don’t want people to change. They have a right to be who they are, only I don’t want to be around them much. Familiarity breeds contempt they say and in most cases it’s true.
        I’m off to family dinner from the father side. How I wish I can hand out strips of duct tapes there as well 🙂


      4. I know quite a few people that know me that well, and I know them that well. They are all my immediate family; I grew up with them and they with me. Sometimes, despite knowing someone so well, you still hit on something that irritates them beyond measure and you don’t realize it until later.

        Next year, get designer duct tape for yourself as a gift. Have it read “this is my Christmas gift from you. Thank you, it’s what I wanted this year!” And then hand it out to everyone lol


      5. I just came from a family dinner where everyone was crying at the table because some emotional issues were again touched. I need at least three weeks to recuperate. I have another dinner coming tomorrow, God knows what will happen then.


  4. just do what i do! be dressed in red, from top to toe… say Ho! Ho! Ho ! to everything and anything, and even at nothing at all!
    when hosting at home, serve empty dishes and say Santa ate everything! 😀 😀


  5. For MIL house, you can’t go wrong with a simple black skirt and red sweater (maybe with some Xmas design). The walk can be similar attire with black leggings for warmth. Holiday party is whatever you deem both appropriate and comfortable. If you’re really hard up to come up with a gift, make a donation in their name to a cause they believe in, or send off to plant a tree in Israel in honor of them (not religious based). Food is another matter. There are many options, but I don’t know people’s requirements. You can do what my aunt does: the day before your party host a little gathering of the people with specific diets. You all drink and prepare their special meals that do not coincide with their needs. On the day of the party, you cook everything and your dish and serve.
    And I am a bah-humbug 🙂


    1. I wore today a coated dark/antraciet gray pants, black half length boots, a light gray sweater with short sleeves and tiny golden flecks all over, a fashion necklace and a silver hoop earrings. Tomorrow a simple black dress with embroidered see through front design, a black long cardicool, ankle length peep toe boots with lace work, diamond earrings and multi colored braided belt.

      Gifts… I gave them a bottle of champagne with chocolates and a beautiful collectible biscuit tin full of artisan products. Tomorrow, beauty products with signature perfume.


  6. […] Now, we are this far again. The season to be merry, the time to be jolly and I am neither of those. But even if I didn’t lose my belief in God, I doubt if I am going to join the hysteria of masses during this period. I wrote about the reasons why a few seasons ago and if you have the time, you can read it here, here and here.  […]


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