Where is Christmas?

Where has Christmas gone? It used to be the most celebrated, most popular most observed season of the year but from where I am Christmas is barely there. Except of course in those business establishments where every season is an excuse to capitalize on people’s susceptibility to being seduced for maximum sale.

I cannot speak for other places for obvious reasons but the last time I have spent the holiday season in my birth country, I can tell you it was not how it used to be. What are the reasons why most people these days don’t even bother to put up a Christmas tree? Inflation perhaps? Recession? Don’t have time/interest, empty nest? I don’t know…

Wherever I drive around (except city centers where they are probably forced to do some minimal of decorations) I am confronted with dark streets and dark houses devoid of any festive trimmings. No lighted ornaments, no string of multi-colored lights around a tree or doorways; not even a simple wreath or statues of Santa. I find it a sad, sad affair.  If we don’t make efforts to separate ordinary days from (supposed to be) the most wonderful, glorious time of the year, how could we know it’s Christmas?