Outside the Shinto Shrine in Japan, visitors can drop coins in the box and buy this small wooden plaque to write their prayers and wishes and leave it hanging there where the spirits receive them. The practice is very much like what we do in our churches, lighting candles and leave them on the altar burning to accompany our prayers.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

27 thoughts on “Gathering”

  1. Thank you for this! I was trying to remember which religion did this! You saved me a google search. That is great photo. I would like to write a prayer on a plaque for the wind to carry heaven wards

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      1. not the winds in the city where I work! They gust so hard on calm days that cross the street is a trial. I have seen it tear off and fling all manner of things.


      2. Chicago is a windy city they say. But I don’t know if you’re there. You’re right. I think this plaque is thin enough to be carry by a strong wind. If not, you can always hang it at the bottom of a balloon 🙂

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      3. exactly! I’m nowhere near Chicago but the corner where I work, I’ve been told, is a little slice of the Windy City thanks to the wind sweeping in off the Long Island Sound and the buildings that channel it.


      1. To let another facet of me shine 😀
        Like rooms in the house. Each is decorated differently. I have another one in the making for business. We supposed to launch it last year already but things got in the way. Early next year is the new target.

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  2. Two kinds of prayer-petition rituals. Thank you for teaching us about the Shinto way. Both ways can be beautiful. Both ways are necessary.


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